About Us

The Housewright LLC is a specialty building company focusing on historic structures and reconstructions. Our approach emphasizes traditional building techniques, coupled with an awareness of modern technologies and the wisdom to apply them where appropriate. The range of our work extends from museum quality restorations, which strictly follow Department of Interior preservation guidelines, to residential restorations that require a more adaptive approach. For over three decades, all of our work has been done in the Hudson Valley. We are specialists in historic estate properties and classical design and pride ourselves in deep knowledge and familiarity with the Hudson Valley vernacular style of architecture.


Our Culture

We are steadfast in the belief that honestly, courtesy, and diligence are the foundation of a successful team. We bring a respectful and considerate approach to all our projects, and insist this is maintained by our subcontractors. We work diligently to cultivate a cooperative atmosphere. Our goal is to be not only competent, but proficient.